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Riley Arthur/Bankrate

There’s a saying that I love: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Why not take that same approach to your finances?

Budget for the life you want. You might have to sock away cash right now and make a few shopping sacrifices. But later, when you have a bank account that matches your dream lifestyle, you’ll be happy you prioritized your money in such a thrifty way.

Now, don’t get it twisted: Frugal doesn’t mean cheap, and penny-pinching doesn’t mean dumpster-diving.

My biggest inspiration? The penny-pinching people (aka, you!) who get creative with their cash, slay at shopping sales and budget like bosses.
There’s nothing cheap about you. You dress well, eat well, travel and enjoy life. You don’t spend a lot, you just spend smartly.

That’s why, I’ve picked my five favorite saving hacks from my frugal and fun Facebook followers!

BRB, taking notes.

OK, back story: Recently, I asked my followers to share the savings hacks they swear by, and I was beyond impressed with what they had to share. I felt like the teacher who just got schooled by her students in her fave subject!

I offered a $100 prize to the best tip (congrats, Ashley!), and will be doing more fun giveaways like that in the future. Don’t miss out on all the ways you can save, and be sure to follow my Facebook page.

Keep in mind, this is just the SparkNotes version! In total, there were over 240 frugal Facebookers who shared their secret savings hacks!

Drumroll, please …

1. “If you have a credit card with rewards, buy a gift card every paycheck at the grocery store. I get 6 percent back from grocery stores and then come Christmas, I have funds for all the non-budgeted purchases.”
— Ashley

2. “I set up automatic payments for my Netflix bill using the Bank of America Better Balance Rewards card. I don’t use the card for anything besides that bill. I then set up automatic bill pay from my checking account to pay the credit card bill. This card rewards $25 per quarter for paying more than the minimum payment each month. My automatic payment takes care of that. $100 bonus for the year for doing nothing but pay my Netflix bill. That’s like free Netflix for us! (I use my other credit cards for the cash-back incentives.)” — Lisa

3. “Do your grocery shopping early in the morning when items are marked down. If the marked food isn’t going to be consumed within a couple days, freeze it. This is especially good for fruits; chop into small chunks and make smoothie packs.” — Lalita

4. “Every time you get a $5 bill back in change, don’t spend it. I only do it with 5s because it’s not too much all at once. … Save it in a container safely, and before you know it, it adds up. When I was waitressing, I had $235 in just two weeks.” — Brittani

5. “I buy the majority of my kids’ clothes from consignment! I almost always come home with at least one outfit that still has tags. Then when they outgrow, I sell those and buy the next size up! Saves a ton and my kiddos are always dressed to the nines, y’all.” — Anna

Now, go stash all that cash you saved in a high-yield savings account!