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Flip flops? Check. Yeti full of wine? Check. Summer-ready savings account with a budget for fun? Uhhh.

That’s right: As you know, all that fun in the sun doesn’t come free. But, there’s hope!

Whether you’re a college kid headed home after a long year of tailgating studying, or just want a second stream of income to boost your savings (or to pay for all those frozen margs… I’m not judging!), summer (or any season really!) is the perfect time to take on a side hustle.

And guess what? It’s the 21st Century, which means you don’t have to fry under the hot sun in a lifeguard chair or push around a lawn mower to make some quick cash. Here’s how.

1. TaskRabbit

Beat boredom while making a quick buck with TaskRabbit! The service hooks you up with gigs around your neighborhood, and you don’t even have to be handy with a hammer. You can get paid for services like cleaning, delivering, moving, personal assisting and furniture assembling.

You’ll have to attend an orientation in your city after registering, but then you just select the tasks you want to tackle, confirm the details with your client and then submit your invoice. It’s cool because you have total flexibility; you pick which tasks to complete and how much you charge. Some Elite Taskers have claimed to make up to $7,000 a month. Those bunnies are making bank.

2. Lyft driver

Lyft drivers get paid for every trip on a per-minute, per-mile basis, and Lyft even provides additional insurance policies at no cost to the driver. The service claims that some drivers make more than $800 just driving Friday nights and weekends. I did a quick search to see how much I could make if I worked 20 hours in New York City, and Lyft calculated that I could make up to $700 per week.

There are a few requirements, like being at least 21, so be sure to check those out. Why Lyft? Uber’s been doing some interesting stuff lately, so swerve around that service if you want to play it safe.

3. Surf the web

During the summer months, try the kind of surfing that will make you money. You won’t even need a wetsuit.

Make money from the comfort of your couch with services like InboxDollars, which pays you for surfing the web. Brands pay InboxDollars for customer feedback, so through the service, you can get paid for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos and shopping. You won’t make a fortune, but it’ll give your budget a little boost. I did a quick search for current available offers, and I found ways I could make cash by sharing my Amazon shopping history and by completing a short survey about my grocery spending habits. Of course, make sure to check the fine print to find out how your personal information will be handled.

Another similar service, Swagbucks rewards you with cash back or gift cards for surfing the web. Sign up with Swagbucks and you can earn cash back while online shopping at popular retailers like Target and Amazon. Turning your shopping habits into a side hustle? Yes, please!

4. Rent your room

Taking a family vacay? Make money off your room.

Airbnb is a great way to make money in the summertime, shoulder season or even around the holidays, when you’re jetting off on vacay, leaving behind an empty bedroom with major moneymaking potential. With Airbnb, you can rent your room, apartment or home, and set your own rates. Airbnb handles all the payments between guests and hosts, so you can be as hands-off as you want to be. They’ll take a 3-percent host service fee on each reservation, and will provide you with Host Protection Insurance.

I did a quick search on what I could earn renting out my room in New York City and found that I could make a weekly average of $514. I could pay off my vacation simply by leaving for vacay. What a time to be alive.

5. Social media

Step up your social media game in the summer and make money off those perfectly filtered brunch pics. You’ll just need to rack up some followers first, and then you can be swimming in cash.

Data from Captiv8, a company that specializes in social analytics, found that if you have 100,000 to 500,000 followers, you can make up to $5,000 per post on Instagram. If you have between 1 million and 3 million followers, Captiv8 found that an Insta post can result in a $50,000 paycheck.

Most of us can’t keep up with the Kardashians, though, and don’t have massive followings. But no worries, you can still earn some quick cash, sans Influencer status. Sign up for the Amazon Associates program, provide your followers with links to Amazon products and earn referral fees if they purchase a product. Turn those social networks into moneymaking machines, people!

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