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Congrats young people of the world! You landed an internship, one of the inaugural stepping stones on the way to adulting. Don’t worry – until you get excited about buying sponges, you still have some time before you’re officially an old.

At some point in history, the employment gods decided your internship actually matters a lot to your post grad job search. So even though sleeping in can seem like the most important thing in your life right now, I’ve got some tips so you can really Leslie Knope the heck out of your internship.

First things first, I know our phones are extremely interesting… but whatever you do, don’t act like a bored millennial whenever you’re at work. There might be times when your boss has no work for you to do, but you should use those moments to create a purpose for yourself. Find a way to make yourself irreplaceable – cue the Beyonce! We don’t have the rights for that? OK, moving on.

Internships definitely aren’t just about getting coffee and going on bagel runs. But sometimes there’s a little bit of that involved, too. Be enthusiastic, no matter how big or how small the task is. Do not turn work in late or with mistakes!

I’m going to keep this one simple for you, A.B.E. Always. Be. Early.

OK so this one is important. Find someone who is major career goals and start building a professional relationship with them. You’ll want to nurture that relationship, not only during your internship but afterwards too.

I’m not endorsing butt-kissing, but you should use coffee chats and informationals to grow a mentorship that could lead to opportunities down the line. When all is said and done – brace yourselves – send a handwritten thank you note. No one can print up an email to their bulletin board, can they? That small gesture, and all these tips, go a really long way and will keep you bobbing on the surface of the sea of faceless, millennial interns. For more tips on how to be an all star working girl, follow me at The Cashlorette on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now go forth and intern!

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