We went to New York Fashion Week to see if high fashion can ever be frugal.

“This is a Parker leather jacket, Zara dress, Gucci clutch and Dolce Vita boots. I guess this was around $500, the dress was around $60 and my boots were $200. I think everyone knows how much a Gucci bag is.”

“Pretty much fully wearing Zara… this was probably $25… this was about $75, my bag is Celine… about $2,500, my shoes are vintage shoes, about $200.”

“This bag is from Gucci, so this bag was about probably $4,000… this shirt was $35… these jeans are Kate, probably like $350? And these are Vince shoes; the shoes were about $300.”

“The most luxurious purchase I’ve ever made would probably be the bracelet. It’s Cartier… the bracelet was $7,000.”

“So I’m wearing a Boss T-shirt, so it’s around $80. This coat is vintage so it’s only like $20.”

“The coat is about $2,000… the most expensive items that I would buy is probably my bags.”

“Shoes are Stella McCartney. Uh, my pants are Vetiver. This is a Paige top that I cut off and these are vintage from Portobello Market in London. So I think these are probably like $100… these are like $5… the shoes are definitely the most expensive – they were like a good $1,000, so pretty steep – back, you know, when I could afford that. ”

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