Who checks your credit report?


Bad credit can turn off prospective landlords. If you don’t pay your bills, they worry you won’t pay them!

Loan Lenders

Your credit report will be key in determining whether you get approved for financing and with what terms, including how much you can borrow and at what rate.

They look for everything from bankruptcies and recent credit card applications to whether you are currently delinquent on other loans.


If you give prospective employers permission to review your credit report, they can use it to determine whether you’re hiring material.

Auto Insurance Companies

It might sound unfair, but they think you’re more likely to file a claim if you have a bad credit report.

Credit Card Companies

They will use your credit report to determine your credit limit and interest rate. Once you have the card, they also monitor how you use it.

Who else is looking?

Pull a copy of your credit report and look for credit inquiries. This will tell you who and when someone looked at your report.

Remember, only credit applications are considered a “hard pull” and count against your credit score as a recent credit inquiry.

To check your credit score, go to My.Bankrate.com. If you’re ready to shop for a new credit card, check out the average rates below!